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Coaches, Carriages, and Carts: Type, Use, Design, and Industry
Paperback - English

Horse-drawn vehicles are the foundation of modern transportation. These vehicles produced many innovations used today, such as the spring. Other than observing a horse put to a carriage, there are proper ways to identify these vehicles and their unique characteristics. One style of driving, called "four-in-hand", required the training of four-horses and exercising them well in order to pull large, heavy coaches with many passengers or freight. These vehicles, designed for working horses, gave way to many styles of sporting vehicles and pleasure vehicles. And in turn, as it became fashionable for a lady to drive in public, the distinctions among carriages were drawn even further between which carriages were suitable for a lady and which carriages were suitable for a gentleman. Just as there were many types of carriages and types of coaches, there were also various ways to hold the reins, types of a harness, and variety of breeds to choose from for putting to a coach or carriage. Come explore the type, use, design, and industry of coaches and carriages.

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