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Third Eye Awakening: An Essential Guide to Opening Your Third Eye Chakra and Experiencing Higher Consciousness, Psychic Visions and Clairvo
By Silva, Mari        
Hardcover - English

There is an untapped goldmine that exists within each and every one of us, a tremendous treasure trove that defies imagination. If you want to discover this, then keep reading...

  • Do you often feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and emotionally drained?
  • Do you often ask yourself why you're not happy?
  • Do you have difficulty staying in relationships or gravitate toward unhealthy attractions?
  • Do you tend to overthink and worry too much about the future?
  • Are you becoming increasingly cynical and feeling at odds with the world?
  • Do you sometimes wonder why you are here, and what life is all about? Or - are you generally happy in your life but still wonder what it's all about?

Your dormant third eye is most likely the cause. How do you feel about learning how to open it and transform your life?

Since the beginning of human history, the third eye chakra has been recognized and revered by ancient cultures as a powerful entity that is the gateway from the physical world into the non-physical world. It has been described as "the seat of the soul", "the eye of wisdom", "the inner eye", and "the mind's eye".

Awakening the third eye to harness its amazing powers has long been the pursuit of many spiritual schools, including Buddhism and Hinduism. Today, it remains the pursuit of those seeking happiness, health, and wellbeing.

When awakened, the third eye allows us to fathom into the non-physical (but very real) spiritual realm, where we can find the true enrichment and purpose that we lack. This is the realm of our higher consciousness where we can claim our deepest intuition, our highest wisdom, and inner abundance to become healthier, more productive, and happier human beings. Today, slowly but surely, science has begun to confirm this.

This book is a step-by-step guide that contains all you need to know about your inner eye and the steps required to awaken it.

This is not your typical book on spirituality. This is a book about "actionable spirituality", meaning that you will learn very real and effective techniques to awaken, empower, and nurture your dormant third eye. After all, what good are vague theories and spiritual platitudes if you can't apply them to get tangible results?

You will learn:

  • How to awaken your third eye to bring your physical and spiritual body into harmony, empowering you to live as your highest possible self.
  • How the amazing and mysterious pineal gland is related to your third eye.
  • Basic groundwork techniques for opening the third eye.
  • Powerful meditations for opening and balancing the third eye.
  • How to nurture your third eye with diet, crystals, color, essential oils and affirmations.
  • How to balance the chakra system.
  • Preparing yourself for the spiritual gifts of psychic dreams, seeing auras and clairvoyance.
  • How to see and read auras.
  • How to interpret psychic dreams and intuitive messages.
  • And much more, including visualizations, lifestyle changes, and simple tips and methods to add to your routine.

It's unfortunate that many people are skeptical of the spiritual aspect of our being and the role it can play in reconnecting us with ourselves and with the world around us. The powerful takeaways and the results you will experience will make this very clear.

This book will take you on a magnificent adventure that will end with you experiencing inner peace, incredible wisdom, immense gratitude, and the discovery of realms you never knew existed.

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