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My Backyard Bird Book: Fun Facts & Surprising Secrets
Paperback - English

Encourage self-discovery as kids become familiar with bird species and develop a new hobby

Kids love learning about nature, and birds are a very important and amazing part of it! They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They live in trees, bushes, and skies of your town, park, and even your own backyard. With the help of this beautiful book, your child will learn bird identification techniques, and discover some of the most popular birds living in North America.

Introduce the wonders of a child's backyard with a field guide filled with bird facts and trivia

From Florida to California, North American backyard birds are a true wonder to watch. Step outside to see and listen to a variety of common birds. With the help of this educational bird book, children will learn

- Where to spot birds- How to identify them- Their shapes & sizes- Their favorite foods- Helpful "spying" techniques- ...And much more!
The perfect gift for young nature lovers and budding bird watching enthusiasts

What's that bird? Listen to the songs she sings. Kids will love working with this field guide written and illustrated especially for toddlers and kids 3 to 8. This book is the perfect way to introduce your children to the wonders of the great outdoors and give them the tools they need for exploration and going on backyard adventures.

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For Cheryl Johnson, starting a new hobby and picking up a camera eventually led to a new career. She shares her bird photography by authoring and illustrating children's books, making great additions to your kid's bookshelves. Collect them all, including My Bird Scavenger Hunt, My Book of Plumology, and My Book of Amazing Birds.

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Publication Date
20.32cm x 20.32cm x 0.36cm
Age Group
7 to 10
2nd Grade to 5th Grade
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