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Collecting Luxury Watches (Color): Rolex, Omega, Panerai, the World of Luxury Watches
Paperback - English

5/5 Stars ***** Great book for watch enthusiasts This is the second e-book from this author, that I've read. He has a nice, clear writing style and definitely he has lots of insight on what makes a particular watch brand and watch model valuable. I thought the omission of Grand Seiko was somewhat odd, but it is still a great book. (July 18, 2017)Leonard Lowe wrote three books about luxury watches: Luxury Watches, Rolex Watches and Ten Fun Things to do with Luxury Watches. And here is his fourth one, his most personal one, with the most insight in his own personal collection and his thoughts why and when he purchased his collectibles. A personal history of becoming a watch enthusiast despite starting out an ordinary person with a lot of hints and thoughts on purchasing and collecting luxury watches.I never decided to be a watch collector. It just happened somehow. This book finally tells the story of my passion for luxury watches, how I learned about them, what I considered before and after purchasing my pieces and how it is owning and wearing them. I am sure a lot of my considerations will help the new and even the advanced watch lover to learn even more about watches, about collecting them or -- if you're not a collector -- just about finding the right one-and-only watch for your wrist.What you will find in this ebook is an amusing, entertaining and insightful story of my personal experiences with luxury watches. Have fun... Join Leonard Lowe on his journey through the world of luxury watches and find a lot of useful and inspiring insights about this compelling hobby.

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