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Jumping in The Air: Coloring & Activity Book: IB has authored various of Books which giving to children the values of physical arts. Relat
By Boaz, Idan        
Paperback - English

Jumping has always been the first move that a child tries when they learn to stand on their feet. Jumping is the most basic form of all exercises. Not only children but elders also enjoy it as "Spread Eagle" and "Pike" in cheerleading and as "Au de Costa" & "Au Mortal" in capoeira. It is also regarded as a physical performance art, developing one's flexibility, strong muscles and lean body through the aerobatic activities like breakdance and gymnastics. For a child Jumping is an expression of happiness. So does your little one love tumbling and have lots of energy? If yes, then this book is the perfect choice. This book introduces your child to incredible jumping techniques collected from different forms of martial arts and aerobatic techniques, teaching them body control. Jumping is one of those rare workouts that join fitness and fun together. As this is a cardiovascular exercise, Kids aged 2-8 should be encouraged to take part in this fun activity as it makes muscles, bones and heart healthy. Books without words picture beg for readers' participation; to keep your child engaged in this healthy activity this book has certain features which includes colouring characters shown performing moves like, Jumps, tosses, tumbles and much more. Teach your child this dynamic form of art that would help them have control physically as well as mentally. All it requires is your child energy. Teach your child to live life to the fullest. Your little one will have fun coloring this book

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