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Knitting Basics 102: Visual Guide to Advanced Knitting Tips, Tricks & Techniques
By Russo, Anne        
Paperback - English

Knitting Basics 102
Visual Guide to Advanced Knitting Tips, Tricks & Techniques

Did you know that there are several ways to cast on when you are knitting? Advanced Knitting contains easy to follow photos and instructions to walk you through the different methods of casting on, the best cast-on to use for ribbing, tension, and stretch. The long-tail cast-on, which will quickly become an essential for you as soon as you master it, is covered in a step-by-step guide for you to follow along, including photographs to ensure you get the best instruction available.

Once you master the different cast-on methods, ribbing, and texture, go beyond knit and purl and learn how to add color to your knitting with colored yarns, slip-stitch knitting, joining new colors and Intarsia.

A basic intarsia knitting pattern is included in the colorwork chapter to help you learn how to knit a picture into your work. You will also learn how to read a chart style knitting pattern, and one is included along with the written instructions to help you understand the chart. If you like to knit hats, mittens, hand warmers or infinity scarves, look no further - Advanced knitting covers knitting in the round, using circular needles and double-pointed needles. The basics of round knitting and when you should use them are included in this instructional Advanced Knitting guide.

Of course, we can't forget about cables, those beautiful twists, and braids that add an elegant flair to any knitted work. This book provides detailed instructions on simple four, six and eight-stitch cables, how to use a cable hook (cable needle) or a double-pointed knitting needle to create cables, and the methods used to create a movement to the left or to the right. Instructions and photos are included for a basic, six-stitch cable, and a knitting pattern for a stunning modified Celtic Knot Cable is included just for you. Use this pattern to create an eye-catching scarf, handbag, hat, or blanket. The sky is the limit.

If you want to bring your knitting skills to the next level, Advanced Knitting is the perfect guide for you. With these simple instructions, you will learn colorwork, intarsia, texture, cables, ribbing, increasing and decreasing stitches, different cast-on methods, how to knit buttonholes, how to weave in your ends neatly after changing colors, and how to use circular knitting needles and double-pointed knitting needles in your work. Grab yourself a few balls of yarn and knit along while you read. You will be surprised how easy it can be to knit stunning pieces for yourself, for gifts, or for decorative items. Use, modify and combine the knitting patterns included in Advanced Knitting to create your own pattern.

Have fun and happy knitting

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