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Never Enough Gold: A Chronicle of Sardis
Paperback - English

The endless search for Wealth and Status involves acquiring gold Lots of it This novel examines human greed in the homes of the wealthy, and the gracious hand of mercy in the lives of impoverished families. Mercy and grace increasingly confront deceit and greed. Sardis was exceedingly wealthy because gold was found in the small river that passed through the city. It was the first city in history to mint gold coins. "Never Enough Gold" in Sardis is both a phrase used every day, as well as an attitude. Everyone, from the mayor and banker down to the teachers at the school and the athletes competing in the stadium, are intent on winning. Tension and conflict lie behind every event in Sardis. Everyone is affected by the desire to become wealthy, well-known, and successful, in education, politics, sports, or in the rebuilding of the Temple of Artemis following the Great Earthquake. "Never Enough Gold" is a historical novel based in the year AD 91-92. Life lessons are learned through the conflicts experienced by the characters.

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