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The Perfect Pizza Dough Pizza as a Profession
Paperback - English

The dough is undoubtedly the most important element to making a good quality pizza, however, it is vital that the dough is treated correctly and that the fundamental steps of proper maturation and leavening are respected. The maturation of the dough is the result of a process known as "enzymatic hydrolysis", but what are the enzymes that intervene in the splitting of complex parts thus enabling them to be more easily assimilated by the body? What techniques must we adopt to achieve this result? Is it better to use a direct or an indirect dough method? Can we get dough maturation at room temperature? Teaching the art of pizza, as well as practicing it as a profession, has led me to translate one of my books. I wanted to give concrete answers to these kinds of questions. My approach takes into account the science based biochemical aspects of dough making and combines it with loads of useful practical advice. A whole chapter has been dedicated to recipes for dough preparation, both direct and indirect methods, combined with specific maturation techniques. If pizza is not only a job but also a passion, it is not possible to stop at what you know, you have to continue to study, discover new techniques and improve yourself

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