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Visual Thinking: Empowering People & Organizations Through Visual Collaboration
Paperback - English

Visual thinking and drawing are both becoming increasingly important in today's business settings. A picture really can tell a thousand words. Visualization is a crucial part of the journey for companies seeking to boost enterprise agility, break down silos and increase employee and customer engage-ment. Visualizing thought processes can help break down complex problems. It empowers teams and staff to build on one another's ideas, fosters collaboration, jump-starts co-creation and boosts innovation.

This book will help brush aside misconcepti-ons that may have prevented you using these techniques in your workplace. You don't need Van Gogh's artistic talent or Einstein's intelli-gence to harness the power of visual thinking and make your company more successful.

With the right mindset and the simple skills this book provides you the skills to develop your own signature and style and start gene-rating change by integrating visual communi-cation into your business setting....
This book provides an informative, easy to follow and fun introduction into the basics of visual thinking and drawing. It is unique by applying these visual thinking and drawing techniques to everyday business settings. By visualizing thought processes within business environments you allow yourself to connect on a deeper level, enable teams them build on each others ideas, foster collaboration and co-creation, accelerate problem solving and advance decision making processes. All of which will result into activating yourself and your colleagues, creating a more energetic workplace, increase the pace innovation, making change happen and ultimately improving customer experience.

This book will take away every possible burden or hurdle to start using these techniques at work. You will learn and see that you don't necessarily need to have the artistic skills of Van Gogh, neither do you need to have the brains of Einstein to start making more impact. Visual thinking and drawing are actually rather basic skills that can be applied in multiple everyday business settings.

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