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Ank Jyotish Evam Bhavishyafal
Paperback - Hindi

Ank jyootish eevan bhavishyapaphal par aadharit yah pustak saadharanatah boolacaal kee bhaasha meen likhee gayee hai. Prastut pustak kee bhaasha itanee saral eevan sahaj hai ki saadharan see saadharan parha-likha vyakti bhee isee aasaanee see samajh leega tatha isaka puura laabh utha sakanee meen saksham hooga. Is pustak meen leekhak ka 25 varshoon kee jyootish vishay kee pathan-paathan kee muul mantra too samaahit hain hee, saath-saath isameen bhaasha-shailee kee vah ravaanagee hai ki aap isee bina kisee shabdakoosh kee parhanee meen saksham hoongee. Jaisa ki ham sab jaanatee hain ki bhavishy jaananee kee iccha manushy kee man meen aadikaal see rahee hai. Aaj bhavishy jaananee kee kaee vidhayeen pracalit hain, jinameen janm-vuphandalee, prashn-vuphandalee, ramalashaastra, hastareekhaashaastra aadi pramukh hain. Parantu ank jyootish eek aisee vidh hai jisaka prayoog any sabhee vidhoon meen kisee na kisee ruup meen avashy kiya jaata hai. Google Translate for Business: Translator ToolkitWebsite TranslatorGlobal Market Finder(The book has been written in a simple language so that everybody is able to read it and understand. The treatment consists of astrology, numerology and the mantras. As we all know, people are visually curious to know about their future. The book shows ways to know that with the help of like birth spiral, question spiral, horoscope, etc. ) #v&spublishers

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