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Apna Mulaank Janen
Paperback - Hindi

Pratyek manushy ke man mein apana bhavishy jaanane kee ichchha hotee hai. in dinon bhavishy jaanane kee kaee vidhen prachalit hai. inamen janmakanudalee, hastarekha shaastra, prashnakundalee aadi vidhen pracheen kaal se hee hamaare beech kaapaphee lokapriy raheen hain. is pustak mane bataayee gaee vidh ise koee bhee vyakti apane janmatithi ke dvaara apana moolaank gyaat kar aasaanee se jaan sakata hai ki usake aagaamee jeevan mein kab-kab mahattvapoorn ghatana ghatane vaalee hai. ank jyotish shaastra par aadharit yah pustak aamajanon ke lie itanee sahaj evan saral hai, koee bhee vyakti is pustak ko padhakar bhavishy mein hone vaalee gambheer ghatanaon se sachet hokar uchit samay par nivaaran kar sakate hai. yah pustak pratyek ghar ke lie upayogee evan sangrahaneey hai. paathak is pustak ko padhakar apane vyaktigat jeevan mein isase poorn roop se laabhaanvit sakate hain ho.(By nature, people display curiosity to know their future. There are many ways to predict your future - like birth spiral, question spiral, horoscope, etc. The book also contains the methods by which people may know their future, such as by their birth date. Future can also be predicted by numerology. Through this method, person can become aware about the period when life would be happy, tough, high, low etc. ) #v&spublishers

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