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Environmental Biology of Darters: Papers from a Symposium on the Comparative Behavior, Ecology, and Life Histories of Darters (Etheostomatini), Held D
Paperback - English

The The following following set set of of papers papers is is mainly mainly a a representa- representa- have have been been overdue overdue since since the the pioneering pioneering work work of of tive tive sample sample from from 19 19 presentations presentations at at a a special special sym- sym- Howard Howard Winn Winn in in the the late late 1950's. 1950's. Darters Darters are are rela- rela- posium posium on on the the comparative comparative behavior, behavior, ecology, ecology, and and tively tively sedentary sedentary and and can can be be easily easily observed observed and and life life histories histories of of darters darters held held during during the the 62nd 62nd (14-15 (14-15 experimentally experimentally manipulated manipulated in in their their natural natural hab- . . June, June, 1982) 1982) annual annual meeting meeting of of the the American American So- So- itats. itats. They They can can be be transported transported alive alive with with relative relative ciety ciety of of Ichthyologists Ichthyologists and and Herpetologists Herpetologists on on the the ease, ease, and and readily readily acclimate acclimate to to controlled controlled conditions conditions campus campus of of Northern Northern Illinois Illinois University, University, DeKalb, DeKalb, of of the the laboratory laboratory aquarium. aquarium. The The male male nuptial nuptial color color Illinois, Illinois, U. S. A. U. S. A.

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