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Bear Attacks
Paperback - English

The bear is an enduring symbol of wilderness in the United States. All three species of this magnificent carnivore--black, grizzly and polar--can break your neck with a simple swat of their massive arms and clawed paws. Nevertheless, bears are not evil or monstrous. It is your behavior that can make all the difference. Your BEST defense is to learn everything you can about bears and act accordingly. That's where this book comes in. You'll discover how bears communicate, what they eat, how they socialize, what habitat they use, what time of year they are active, what they do around their cubs and what their various vocalizations signify. This book features: * Stories of bear attacks, both historical and contemporary, showing how suddenly and unexpectedly bears can severely injure and kill humans * Detailed identification of each bear species, including illustrations, range maps and black and white photos * Population densities * Typical dangerous behaviors to avoid * Survival techniques. Armed with the right information and common sense, you can travel and play safely in the great American wilderness.

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About Author

McCloskey, Erin
Erin McCloskey was born in Canada and now lives in Italy. She has traveled internationally while exploring socio-environmental issues and natural history. She is a writer and editor, with a degree in conservation biology. Her focus has been in photography and dance, both well represented in "Argentina,"

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