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Referent Similarity and Nominal Syntax in Task-Based Language Teaching
Hardcover - English

Acknowledgments Table of Contents List of Tables
Chapter 1. Introduction 1.1. Tasks in Language Teaching and Research 1.2. Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) 1.3. Task Learning versus Language Learning 1.4. Referent Similarity and TBLT 1.5. Overview of the Book
Chapter 2. L2 Performance and Incidental SLA 2.1. Language Development from a Usage-Based Perspective 2.2. Frequency Effects 2.2.1. Cue Strength 2.2.2. Prototype Effects 2.2.3. Chunking 2.3. Syntactic Priming 2.4. Transferability 2.5. First and Second Language Acquisition 2.6. Summary
Chapter 3. Referential Communication and L2 Production 3.1. Referential Communication Tasks 3.2. Communicative Demands 3.3. Contextual Constraints 3.4. Discourse Demands 3.5. Limitations of Tasks in Instructed SLA 3.6. Proficiency and L2 Performance 3.7. Summary
Chapter 4. Tasks in L2 Syllabus Design 4.1. Attention 4.1.1. Detection 4.1.2. Awareness 4.1.3. The Output Hypothesis 4.1.4. Resources Pools 4.1.5. Selection (Saliency, Effort, Expectancy & Value) 4.2. Speech Production 4.3. Cognitive Processes in SLA 4.3.1. Analysis 4.3.2. Control 4.4. Cognitive Models of Task-Based L2 Instruction 4.4.1. The Limited Attention Capacity Hypothesis 4.4.2. The Cognition Hypothesis 4.5. Summary
Chapter 5. Referent Similarity 5.1. Referent Identification 5.1.1. Frequency 5.1.2. Comparison 5.2. The Number of Elements 5.3. The Similarity between Elements 5.4. The Present Study 5.5. Summary
Chapter 6. Referent Similarity and L2 Production 6.1. Noun Phrase Complexity 6.2. Comparative Structures 6.3. Relative Clause Structures 6.4. Lexical Abstractness 6.5. Summary
Chapter 7. Methods 7.1. Purpose of the Study 7.2. Design 7.3. Participants 7.3.1. Native Speakers of English 7.3.2. Non-Native Speakers of English 7.4. Materials 7.5. Procedures 7.6. Analysis 7.6.1. Transcription 7.6.2. Noun Phrase Coding 7.6.3. Comparative Structures 7.6.4. Relative Clause Types 7.6.5. Statistical Analyses 7.7. Summary
Chapter 8. Results 8.1. Preliminary Data Screening 8.1.1. Descriptive Statistics for Similarity Effect on NP Complexity 8.1.2. Descriptive Statistics for Referent Effect on NP Complexity 8.1.3. Descriptive Statistics for Proficiency Effect on NP Complexity 8.2. Three-Way MANOVA on Noun Phrase Complexity 8.2.1. Referent Similarity Effects on Noun Phrase Complexity 8.2.2. Referent Effects on Noun Phrase Complexity 8.2.3. Proficiency Effects on Noun Phrase Complexity 8.2.4. Interactions between Factors on Noun Phrase Complexity 8.2.5. Summary of Noun Phrase Complexity Results 8.3. Two-Way ANOVA for

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