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Improve Your Memory - Unlimited Memory: Breakthrough Strategies to Achieve a Higher Level of Thinking, Learning, Memory, and Performance
Paperback - English

Experience The Wonders That The Uninhibited Mind Can Do For Your Mental and Physical Health Today

Are you having trouble with focusing? Is it hard to complete tasks at work because your mind is constantly racing? Does learning new things or retaining information seem difficult and is your memory not performing as well as it once did?

If so your brain could be performing way beneath its intended cognitive level. Studies show that the environment in which we live has a major impact on our overall health, including memory and focus. It is time to learn how the mind works and start making changes to increase level of functioning of the brain.

This book will also discuss the benefits of decluttering your home and work spaces for better health, focus and well-being. After all, a decluttered home is a decluttered mind Here, we will discuss easy ways to remove useless thingsfrom the home that only put stress on your mind, and begin habits that will lead to a better quality of life. If you are tired of constantly tripping over useless items or feel guilty about not taking care of that pile of junk mail, take control of your life through the power of decluttering.

In "The Uninhibited Mind" You Will Learn:

  • Everything You Know About Memory and The Mind
  • The Best Thinking and Problem Solving Strategies
  • How To Increase Learning, Attention, and Performance
  • The Health Benefits of Decluttering
  • The Joys of Simple Living
  • How Overhauling Your Clutter Lead To A Clear Mind and Increased Memory and Focus
  • How Decluttering Daily Maintains A Lifted Spirit
  • Why Habit-Forming Could Be Your Key To Happiness
  • Organization 101
  • The Wonders Of Entering Into A Meditative State
  • Ways To Keep Your Life Organized
  • Why Daily Habits Are So Important For Mental Wellness
  • How Emotions Affect Your Memory As Well

And so much more...

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