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The Spirit of Magic: Rediscovering the Heart of Our Sacred Art (Second Edition)
Paperback - English

This book was written with one purpose in mind - to share the knowledge and wisdom the author has acquired since he began working with the system of magic designed by the Czech adept Franz Bardon. The contents of this book contain: - Reflections about the nature of magic made after over a decade of studying and practicing the art in its most genuine and pure form - Helpful comments on important technical exercises and basic theoretical teachings - An assessment of the inner inspiration that lies at the heart of magic and brings the art to life. 'The Spirit of Magic' contains anecdotes and stories to illustrate important aspects of magical training. The author's engaging and straightforward approach offers a serious, yet enjoyable and easily understandable guide for those seeking balanced and steady magical advancement. This book is unique in its approach since it draws upon the full spectrum of life in order to illustrate the most basic and important principles of the sacred art. Hardback copies are also available on the Falcon Books Publishing website:

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22.86cm x 15.24cm x 2.01cm
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About Author

Robinson, Tanya
As you will observe from my introduction to the book I, primarily for the protection of others, have chosen to remain incognito. I really do not wish that any of my relatives or acquaintances should be embarrassed or upset by the true facts I have related. It was difficult for me to write this autobiography as it brought to the fore all those awful experiences I underwent as well as my exceedingly sad memories. Nevertheless, I considered my ancestors and my own tale should be told rather than left to die with me as the last surviving member of this branch of the family and the only one who rec

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