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Equipoise: Insights Into Foundational Astral Training
Paperback - English

Establishing magical equilibrium, a task assigned to the Bardonist in the early stages of his training, often seems to be a daunting endeavor. With the publication of this book, future students of the Bardon system can rest easier knowing they have access to the insights of those who have walked the path before them. Contained within this volume, readers will find helpful and interesting information concerning various topics related to the astral work of Steps 1 and 2, including: - The connection between conscious eating and the Tetragrammaton- Common pitfalls related to self-transformation- How setting SMART goals can lead to efficient progress- The nature of magical equilibrium on each of the three planes- Ways Jungian psychology can be applied to establish magical equilibrium- How the pillars of Solomon's Temple relate to a balanced personality- How the Emerald Tablet summarizes spiritual developmentThis book is a veritable piece of Bardon community history, consisting of contributions from over two dozen serious students of the Franz Bardon system of magic

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Rees, Julian

Robinson, Tanya
As you will observe from my introduction to the book I, primarily for the protection of others, have chosen to remain incognito. I really do not wish that any of my relatives or acquaintances should be embarrassed or upset by the true facts I have related. It was difficult for me to write this autobiography as it brought to the fore all those awful experiences I underwent as well as my exceedingly sad memories. Nevertheless, I considered my ancestors and my own tale should be told rather than left to die with me as the last surviving member of this branch of the family and the only one who rec

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