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Prayer Works: Provoking God to Respond
Paperback - English

★ Less than 1 in 10,000 Christians pray 1 hour per day ★

Does that surprise you?

Or do you think, "No wonder! I couldn't pray for an hour if I tried." Or maybe you think, "I prayed, but my life didn't get any better. Prayer doesn't work."

If so, you are not alone. Because like many Christians, Val Mitchell felt the same way. Then she discovered the true purpose of prayer. She took a new approach...and instantly, everything changed for her. When you discover the truth, everything will change for you, too.

In Prayer Works, Val reveals:

  • Why prayer always works
  • How to pray the right way
  • How to never be disappointed by unanswered prayers again
  • Get set free from the distractions that hinder prayer

Plus great examples of prayers from the Bible to help you grow in praying scripture.

Whether your motivation is praying over your children while they are still young, or praying for adult children, this book will provide fresh encouragement. You can become part of the growing army of praying women that God is raising up. Prayer Works will show you exactly how.

The book also includes a link where you can download a free guide to Prayers for Career Moms.

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Foreword by Donna Partow, Becoming the Woman God Wants Me To Be

Okay, so you're fed up with the guilt trips. You've heard all the sermons about why you "should" pray more You already know that.

But somehow, knowing and doing turn out to be two different things.

If you're anything like me, you're tempted to say "My plate is already full. I'd like to pray more, but I just don't have the time."

But the truth is much deeper than that.

We don't pray because, at least in our experience, prayer doesn't really seem to work.

  • We prayed and prayed, but our marriage still failed.
  • We prayed and prayed, but our children haven't changed their behavior.
  • We prayed and prayed, but someone else got the promotion we deserved.

Although none of us would ever say this aloud, deep in our hearts we can't help feeling, "What's the point of praying when praying doesn't work?"

In Prayer Works, Val Mitchell shares her own journey to discover the true purpose of prayer. And her life demonstrates the power and importance of that journey.

I first met Val when she enrolled as a student in one of my online classes in 2017. Since then, I've had the privilege of getting to know her personally as she joined me overseas on several occasions. One highlight was watching her minister to the poorest of the poor - and to her peers - on a mission trip to Guatemala.

I have experienced firsthand the beauty of her disposition, which has been shaped by extended time in companionship with her King. Val Mitchell practices what she preaches. I've seen her carry the presence of God into tense situations and usher in the peace of God. Her genuine passion for prayer is inspiring and contagious.

That's why, when I was forming a small team of key intercessors for a recent term of missionary service, Val Mitchell was one of the first people I thought of. That's about the highest endorsement I can give someone.

I pray you will catch her passion for prayer...because Prayer Works.

Donna Partow is the a

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