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The Riddle of a Murdered Slave
Paperback - English

A Detective mystery set in the 1st century ancient Rome and based on the true events. For those who love historical fictions, murder mysteries, and unexpected endings.

In 69 A.D. corruption, conspiracy and greed can't hide behind the body of an anonymous slave.

The Empire has had four Caesars, war ravages Judea, and famine threatens Rome, where the newly crowned Emperor Vespasian settles his power. Conspiracies and murders are a common way to settle political issues.

Gnaeus Pontus flees the legion and returns to Italy in an attempt to be forgotten, at least as long as it will take to justify his newly acquired fortune. But Rome is no place to disappear and hide, as Gnaeus' heist in Jerusalem is discovered.

He finds himself coerced into solving a murder that happened in the vicinity of the Emperor, revealing conspiracy and secrets that could place the Emperor's power in jeopardy.

Some reviews received internationally:

★★★★★ - Fascinating - I read this book by a keen writer of Roman history; I was not disappointed. The author gives us a portrait of Rome at the time of Vespasian. The characters are credible, the plot flows without displeasure. I will read the sequel with hopes of as much pleasure. - piba83

★★★★★ - The history in a Novel - Historical novel that is easy to read, lots of details but never long: the plot holds us throughout the book, the writing is fluid, pleasant and documented. A must read. Can't wait for the next book! - Strella

★★★★★ - Nice and Pleasant - good Roman novel ... the author makes us benefit from his erudition, without losing the romantic dimension. Above all, he knows how to transport us to the daily life of the time. The read was therefore both interesting and pleasant. - E.L

★★★★★ - Very Good Book - Very interesting book especially for lovers of ancient Rome. - Frederic Z.

★★★★★ - Loved it - I liked the characters and the plot; I'm looking for more investigations of our hero. It reminded me of the adventures of Gordianius by Steven Saylor - M.L.M.

This is the first volume of the Lucius Apex Series, originally published in French under the title "Le complot de Marcus Antonius Primus" (2016), with the rest to be published in English throughout 2021. In this series, the author delves into the daily lives of Romans enthralled in mystery, murder and conspiracy throughout the Empire.

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