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Tom Hanks: Biography
By Avery, Mark        
Paperback - English

Tom Hanks is a beloved star for many movie fans. He appeared in plenty of blockbusters including Splash, Big, Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, and all of the Toy Story movies. He started out performing in the Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival in Ohio during the year 1977. Later, he would move to New York City to try his hand at acting. Tom Hanks then starred in a TV sitcom called Bosom Buddies, which would lead him to even more successful films.Tom Hanks became an American icon. He is on many famous top ten lists and is widely recognised for his talents. Overall, he is the most powerful, well-respected, and critically acclaimed actor in all of Hollywood. Hanks is a part of many now adults' childhoods at this point. As a pop culture icon, many people know his face and voice- so you might want to learn more about him for the next time you see him appear on your screen.We have covered all of his most famous roles and interesting facts about this star in this biography. This book is a must-read for any Tom Hanks fan out there.

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