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God Confidence: The Courage You Need For The Life You Want
Paperback - English

What If You Never Compared Yourself or Doubted Your Calling...Ever Again?

It's time for YOU to become so confident in God -- and his calling upon your life -- that you turn into an Unstoppable Woman

Check out the latest bible study from Donna Partow, author of the international best-seller, Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be.

We all want to feel like we are doing what matters with our life....but when we compare ourselves to the people we think have "arrived sooner," we're tempted to play it safe. Or not to try at all. We hide our light under a bushel and refuse to step into everything God has planned for us.

So how can you overcome the two biggest obstacles most women face: The Comparison Trap and The Approval Trap? How can you stop settling and start shining for God?

In God Confidence, Donna Partow empowers you to:

  • Find out what's holding you you can finally step into the joy of Divine Acceleration.
  • Hear from God more clearly than even you know for sure you are walking in the center of God's will (no matter what anyone else thinks )
  • Discover how God's power can bring out the best in you stop letting 'certain people' bring out the worst in you

THIS is Your Moment.

God wants you to fulfill your calling even more than you do He wants to help you push through the fears, the naysayers, and the obstacles to complete the good works that He prepared in advance for you to do

The door of destiny is open Don't wait another day to walk through it.

It Is time for you to walk in absolute God Confidence - and you can, in every area of life. This book shows you how

Find out what more than 100,000 people have already discovered.

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