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Draconis Academy 1: Off with the Fairies: A Nocturnal Academy story
Paperback - English

Fairies are real, but they're not cute winged girls in cobweb dresses. They don't dance in mushroom circles and they certainly don't grant wishes. They're large, angry dragonflies with the ability to drain emotions, and they're massing. A war is coming.At the Australian Nocturnal Academy, the Earth's last dragon is finally starting as an official student. Hoping to make friends his own age, Drago Bethelrath decides to suppress his true aspect and appear as an ordinary were-lizard.However, making friends is harder than it looks. Some kids are nice, like Colin the were-hedgehog and Olive the cactus girl, but others like Derrick the weredog don't behave in a way Drago understands. He gets into fights and ends up on detention. His teachers begin to despair of him ever growing into the magnificent being he is supposed to become.But when the fairies abduct the Nocturnal Academy's principal, Drago discovers that he is completely immune to fairy glamour - and must join the quest to save the head master.Related to this series: Nocturnal Academy books 1-20Nocturnal University books 1-

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22.86cm x 15.24cm x 1.47cm
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Johnson, Daniel
Daniel Johnson is a professional photographer who specializes in imagery of farm life. He is the author of the "4-H Guide to Digital Photography" and the coauthor of "The Field Guide to Horses". He lives on a family-owned horse farm in Phelps, Wisconsin, called Fox Hill Farm (

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