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10 Natural Ways To Support A Healthy Immune System Without Vaccines
Paperback - English

According to Mark Hyman M.D. people who are immune compromised aren't helped by vaccines. According to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt M.D. vaccine's record is fairly poor. They're available on the market once the illness is almost gone. By that time the virus may mutate and no longer be effective. According to virologist Hakeem Djabalah, for the past 20 years many companies and researchers have promised us a vaccine for Sars-1. They tried and found this virus Is not amenable to a vaccine. Because of that they may need several more years of research, but don't hold your breath. Your immune system is what's going to help you. You can wait for a year or more for a vaccine to be developed or try to make your immune system strong now. To learn about which diet supports a healthy immune system (see page 5)For the best supplements to support a healthy human system (see page 13)To find out which healing profession saved more lives than medical doctors during the 1918 flu pandemic? (see page 24) For some immune boosting humor (see page 53)Find out which health challenge is the real pandemic (see page 57)

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