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The Candy Cookbook: A Guide with Nice Recipes to Prepare
Paperback - English

Sweets and candy are closely linked to some of our most positive experiences and life events. We love the cake on birthdays. The Easter bunny brings us sweet goodness baskets. Halloween's all for the candy. After the big game, everybody heads out for ice cream. What will be a beach trip without ice cream, saltwater taffy, and caramel corn?

Through playing such an essential part in our happy moments, chocolate and sugar have been connected to happiness in our brains. Naturally, we equate sweets with positivity, such as happiness, warmth, affection, friendship, and family. When we're not happy, eating a piece of chocolate triggers the feel-good brain chemicals that give us a much-needed moment of joy in our usually stressful existence.

You may feel like sugar makes life better, but now we've got evidence to back that up. Candy satisfaction is a real thing, and candy has real beneficial effects.

Longitudinal research by the Harvard School of Public Health showed that people who enjoy sweets outlive those who don't. Reasonable candy consumption - one to three days a month - is correlated with the most significant health gain. Still, even those with a regular (not over-indulgent) intake have always lived longer.

A gum stick - any gum, it's a chewing act - may boost your mood, relieve tension, increase your mental concentration, and even block pain. Chewing gum also raises serotonin levels.

I've just thought that cotton candy was horrible to you, but according to Cornell University experts, cotton candy could create artificial blood vessels when it got melted. Okay, maybe it's not time to invest in a homemade cotton candy gadget, but yeah We're going to take the good news that we can get this candy infested season

Candy is jammed full of mind-body benefits - and it also has exquisite tastes. When you're eating candy, its fantastic flavor which can bring you happiness. The bottom line of this is that chocolate does wonders for your mind, body, and emotions

This book includes:

- Hard Candy Recipes
- Truffles
- Cola Sweets
- Cotton Candy
- Other Types of Candy
- And so much more

These are just some examples of the benefits that candies could provide us. So, if you want to explore and know more about our best home-cooked candy recipes, including the easy and beginner-friendly candy recipes. Then you definitely should grab this book now

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