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Radio Mastery for VFR Pilots
Paperback - English

Everything you need to know to talk to air traffic control while flying VFR.

Newly updated and revised for ATC's NextGen system of operation, including ADS-B. This second edition adds links to free online videos of the book's flying scenarios. Sit in the left-seat of a simulated Cessna 172 and watch the techniques and procedures of ATC communication come to life in real time.

Why is it so hard to put an intelligible sentence together when you key the microphone of your aircraft radio? Communication on the aviation radio band is complicated.

  • The language of air traffic control is specialized.
  • You must speak precisely and efficiently, without all the filler and extra words we use in everyday conversation.
  • Your aircraft and air traffic around you continually move forward. You cannot put the situation on pause while you mentally catch up.

It's no wonder so many student pilots, and even certified pilots, become brain locked when they key the microphone to speak. The mental, and even physical demands of speaking on the aircraft radio are ridiculously high. Learning how to meet those demands takes training, patience, and practice; a lot of hands-on practice.

Radio Mastery for VFR Pilots is the training and the practice you need to talk confidently to Air Traffic Control (ATC). From VFR flight in uncontrolled airspace through VFR flight at busy, controlled airports, every situation is covered with real-life examples and plenty of humor. Best of all, each chapter concludes with hands-on practical exercises. Practice begins with chair-flying radio procedures at home and concludes with practice in your aircraft.

If you have been flying miles out of your way simply to avoid controlled airspace, Radio Mastery for VFR Pilots is the solution to your problem. If you have avoided contacting ATC for flight following because you believe it is "too much work," this book will change your mind. Whether you are just learning to fly, or you are a certified pilot, Radio Mastery for VFR pilots is going to open the door to ATC and make you a skilled, confident communicator on the aircraft radio.

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