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Essential Guide on Smoothies for Athletes: 50+ Recipes to Boost Your Worouts and Recovery
Paperback - English

Smoothies are popular everywhere, but what is it that makes them healthy? For starters, they're a great way to increase your intake of fruit and vegetables. They expand the variety in what you're eating if you use plenty of different ingredients. You can put anything to hand in them, so are ideal for using up seasonal, local and readily available produce. They are portable and handy for taking to training or competition. They provide fluid and energy. They can be adapted for different uses (for example, rehydration, recovery, increasing iron intake). And they can be low GI if you limit the amount of juice and sweet fruits you use. Not only that, but they can also be high in fiber. Some nutrition guidance says eating fruit and vegetables whole rather than blended is better for fiber intake. I try to keep the fiber content up by limiting how long I blend ingredients for, and thereby keeping the smoothie quite 'rough'. I also sometimes make 'gritties' - the coarser cousin of a typical smoothie - by adding things like seeds, nuts or oats which increase the fiber content and make the texture much rougher. The list of fruit and vegetables you can put into smoothies is almost limitless, but here are a few of my favorite recipes. Just wash, peel if necessary, roughly chop all ingredients and mix in a blender. I try to drink smoothies as soon as they're made but they do keep in the fridge in a sealed bottle or container for about 24 hours. Enjoy, and happy blending.

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