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A Quechua - The Perfect Horsemanship: Volume 2
Paperback - English

This book is for anyone who is new to the sport of horsemanship, yet wants to get started without prior knowledge in the fascinating sport of polo. The Grand Senior of Polo Horsemanship, Senior Ary Castilho (1940 - 2011) has in his lifetime still himself significantly involved in the development and realization of this book.

This second volume of the A Quechua series describes all the essential aspects of the wonderful being "horse". Specifically, the entire nature of the Polo Pony, its origin and its behaviors are derived and described. Become an expert of the Polo Pony.

With this basic knowledge and many exercises described in the book, we will show you how to build the so crucial connection between you and the Polo Pony. This connection is always underestimated. A perfect "Polo Connection" has been a well-kept secret until now. For the first time, this subject area is methodically prepared and structured. With this book, beginners, intermediates and switchers can learn in a short time how to train and optimize this ideal coordination with the polo pony.

From the contents:
- The MGT System
- The WHAT Principle
- 10 Simple Steps to Polo Riding
- The Secret of Polo Argentino
- The Types of Polo Pony
- Reading the Polo Pony

Many can ride, but good, respectful and responsible polo horsemanship is something very few players have. It is those players who always make a good figure even with only one or two horses on the field, because you can read your own horse. It is also those players who immediately find their way on foreign horses, because they just have the ability to deal with the horse perfectly via the Polo Connection.
"The perfect Horsemanship" - the entry into a new dimension of polo.

The A Quechua Polo Books:

The A Quechua Book Series is the world's leading book series in the modern sport of polo and has been designed and developed in close collaboration with the world's best players, coaches from Argentina and Brazil, doctors, sports scientists, methodologists, as well as mental coaches and many other leading experts - yet edited for self-study, simple and interesting. The books have been translated into many different languages and are all available on Amazon.

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