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The Prophecy
By Ross, Tia        
Paperback - English

Every beginning has an end. A point where all roads meet and the wrong decision will cause cataclysmic loss. Events are aligning that will bring man-kinds' turbulent existence to a catastrophic climax. Prophecy long ago foretold of a great darkness that would consume the land, unless the chosen stood together to fight it. A prophecy that, at this very moment, is coming true. The darkness has arrived, it's spreading across the land, encompassing everything in its path. There are creatures everywhere.The chosen are in for the fight of their lives, everyone may not make it. Prophecy, destiny, fate....some say these things cannot be changed. The chosen do not agree, they believe each and every person has the ability to determine their own destiny. The appointed time has arrived. The end of their journey is near. They are in for the fight of their lives. Every being in every realm is depending on them. The decisions they make will not only determine the outcome of this epic battle, they will determine the fate of every being alive. May the Goddess help them all.

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