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Sports Card Collector 101: The Simplified Newbie's Guide to Start Collecting and Investing in Sports Cards in Less Than 7 Days
Paperback - English

Are you on the hunt for an exciting new hobby that is also a potential investment in your future?Perhaps you used to collect cards in your childhood, and with a sense of nostalgia you are looking for new cards that you can collect as an adult.
Maybe you already have an idea of what is involved in sports card collection, but you want to know which cards you should be collecting, why you should be collecting them, and where to find them.
Or you might be completely new to collecting sports cards, and you want to make sure you have all of the information you need to make a knowledgeable and positive start to your collection.
Lucky for you, Sports Card Collector 101 is jam-packed full of all of the content you could possibly desire to kick-start your collection on the right foot. With useful tips and tricks for hitting the ground running, you will start your collection the right way!
As with collecting any types of cards, it is essential that you understand which cards carry the most value, and which ones are the rarest to find. This will influence how you go about making trades with your friends, and the care and attention that you will give to each of your cards.
You may already be aware of the potential that card collection has for profits in the future. This book will show you how to make sure your cards remain at the highest value possible, giving you the best chance of your investment paying off.
Inside Sports Card Collector 101, discover:

  • The world of sports card collecting
  • The top selling cards of all time for each major sport
  • The different sports card brands available to you
  • The various types of sports card collections
  • The importance of grading cards
  • How to buy and sell sports cards
  • Where to buy and sell sports cards
  • Sports card terminology
And much, much more! This book is your bible for collecting sports cards.
There is no time like the present! Grab a copy of Sports Card Collector 101 and start your collection today!

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