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Locker Collection


Is my order ready for collection?

  • Orders are usually ready for collection 5-7 days after payment date
  • Once it is ready, an SMS containing locker PIN will be sent to your mobile phone number entered during checkout
  • If you do not receive any email notifications after 7 working days, please do the following steps


To check if your order is already at locker:

  • Go to Track Orders page
  • Locate your order and click your order number
  • Under Activity Log section, check if there is a line showing "Dispatched" and check "Dispatch Date"
  • If it has been dispatched
    • Your order will be ready for collection 1 working day after "Dispatch Date"
    • You should receive the SMS within 1 working days from "Dispatch Date"


Important - Determining SMS date based on Dispatch Date

SMS will be sent 1 working day (not 1 day) after Dispatch Date

  • If Dispatch Date is on Monday, you can expect to receive SMS by end of Tuesday
  • However, if Dispatch Date is on Friday, you can expect to receive SMS by end of Monday

If you do not receive any SMS within 2 working days from dispatch date, please email us at or contact Blu directly at 6817 3620 stating your order number.


If your order is not at locker yet:

Check if you ordered Restocking/Special Order/Pre-Order items


  • If yes, then your order will not be fulfilled within 7 working days
  • If no (and it's been 7 working days since payment date), contact us at for assistance



Where are your collection points?

Collect your order at more than 90 locations islandwide. You will receive SMS with locker's PIN once the order is ready for collection. Please collect within 3 days of receiving the SMS to avoid re-delivery fee.

To check all locker locations:


You can also locate the nearest locker from your address here:




What should I bring to collect my books?

Please take note of the unique code sent via SMS to your contact number to retrieve the package from locker.




Can I ask someone to collect on my behalf?

Yes, you can. You need to forward the PIN you receive to your representative so he/she can retrieve your package.